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Home at Night Narrative Film is a short thriller that explores gender and power in online dating.

Exploring the themes of subjectivity, agency and gender roles, HOME AT NIGHT asks the questions:

In the heterosexual dating paradigm, who takes the risk, and who wields the power?

When is it worth giving someone the so-called benefit of the doubt? Is rejection really the worst thing one can suffer?

As often happens when we venture to put ourselves out there, it will not end the way we foresee.

Join the Production

We’re raising funds for our production, starring women in independent film here in New York City. You can be a part of it.

Meet our protagonist, James. Nerdy, awkward, into Reddit. You know the type. We watch him nervously getting ready to go out. 

James meets Candace, a confident young woman he met on the apps who aims to draw him out of his shell.

The two get to banter, but James isn’t out of the woods yet. The conversation turns, as it always must, to online dating. Who has it harder, men or women?

“I’ve had bad experiences…”

“Try worrying about your personal safety whenever you go meet someone new. Try looking over your shoulder when you walk home at night.”

Well, that went poorly. James walks home, dejected and frustrated. He spots a woman walking a few paces in front of him.

We watch him watch her as they walk in the silence of the city streets late at night...

Why are we making this film?

I’ve gone on a lot of online dates.

Most were mediocre, a few were good, and some were bad. Each time, I was struck by how even the “nice guys” failed to understand the experience from a woman’s perspective—and how jaded all of us were by so many failed attempts to connect.

Hearing this echoed over and over again by female friends, colleagues and acquaintances, it struck me that relationships among today’s “actively seeking” generation have not been adequately explored in film. So I set about to create a short film that would do so, while spark conversation and provoking thoughts and questions.

Don’t worry. There’s a twist at the end.


The Plan

Currently in pre-production, we will shoot Home at Night in Astoria, New York in fall 2021. We’ll then share it with top-tier film festivals and, after its festival run, with a like-minded media outlet to allow it a wider viewership. 


Our crew is made up almost entirely of women in independent film in New York City, from our writer/director to our Director of Photography to our editor to our boom operator. 

A black and white headshot of Allison Geller.
A black and white headshot of Autumn Moran.A black and white headshot of Araby Kelly.